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From September 20th to December 7th

Wednesdays 8-4 ( 8 hours )
Fridays 8-4 ( 8 hours )
Sundays 8-2 ( 6 hours )

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From September 20th-December 7th

The We Are Warriors x Become a Yogi teacher training is a unique opportunity to combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with the embodiment techniques of dance. Become a Yogi is special because of the Seven Doorway System: the energetic blueprint to create a powerful arch of a vinyasa class. The systems intuitive nature is the groundwork for all that we will touch physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This training is hands on and tailored to our students, so that you will leave the training feeling confident to teach. 

About The Training

Who we are

We are here to give you an all-encompassing training that honors the ancient lineage of yoga, including meditation, breathwork techniques, sequencing and philosophy.

Yet, we also believe that teaching is an art form. This is why the education in this training goes so deep, because we want you to feel confident to create a masterpiece and continue growing as a student and teacher.

Our intention is for you to leave this training feeling more in touch and free within your body, your intuition and your ability to provide not just yoga classes, but experiences.

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

The art of sequencing from the lineage of the ashtanga/vinyasa tradition

Five Levels of adjustments

Pranayama (breathwork) techniques. Discover breath as the bridge from thinking to feeling

Learn how to create and lead not just classes but yogic experiences

Meditation techniques

The history of yoga and how the practice has become what it is today

The business of yoga and how to start your teaching career

100% virtual yoga teacher training

We don't just teach you yoga, 
we teach you how to have a career

Share the gift of yoga with others by getting paid to teach. We will not just show you how to teach yoga but also how to make a full time living from it.




From September 20th to December 7th

Wednesdays 8-4 ( 8 hours )
Fridays 8-4 ( 8 hours )
Sundays 8-2 ( 6 hours )


30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

200+ Hour Certification

Private Community

100% Online Training

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Jonah Kest

Jonah Kest was born into a yoga legacy. With his father, Vinyasa yoga pioneer Jonny Kest, and his mother, Milla Kest, as one of the first yoga business owners and yoga teacher training programs in the Midwest, he was destined to follow the path. At the age of three, Jonah was walking the yoga room with his dad and shortly thereafter he began to learn the importance of a daily practice and evening meditation.

Allie Michelle

Allie Michelle is a 2x bestselling author and viral spoken word artist that has a community of over half a million strong across all social media platforms. Her two poetry collections consistently hit #1 in poetry within the first week of release. She has been a key note speaker for various companies like the Marriott, Alo, and more speaking on mental health. Allie is the co-founder of holistic wellness and writing community We Are Warriors, which has over 13k+ members. She is a certified yoga, breathwork, meditation, reiki, and craniosacral therapist. Her goal is to teach people tools that help them connect with themselves, and honor their creative expression. 

Alexis Ren

Alexis is an American model, entrepreneur and internet celebrity known for advocating mental health and self-love. She founded a wellness school for young girls and mentors thousands of girls. Alexis is also creating an educational platform to make wellness and web3 more accessible to women. In addition, Alexis has modeled for Maxim, Sports Illustrated and competed on Dancing with the Stars.

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