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Flex & Stretch Workout Program


If you're looking for a workout that will challenge your flexibility and give your booty a boost, look no further than the Flex and Stretch Challenge! For 14 days, you'll work out with fitness models Scarlette Leithold and Alexis Ren. The workouts include a combination of strength-building exercises and stretches that will create more space in your muscles. You'll see results in no time - so why wait? Start the Flex and Stretch Challenge today!


This 14 day challenge is guided by Alexis Ren and Scarlett Leithold. A combination of flexing your booty to build strength and stretching your muscles to create space, this challenge will bring balance to your life. Why do we stretch after we flex? Daily stretching can improve blood flow, circulation and relieve muscles of tension and tightness. Together, these things help your body integrate intense workouts, and help decrease muscle soreness and stiffness.

Every day you will have 2 new videos - one from Scarlett to tone your butt and one from Alexis to practice flexibility. There is no music in these videos so you can listen to your favorite songs and they are fully guided (with all cues & adjustments) all the way through.

☑ Build your dream booty ☑ Stretch muscles and improve flexibility
☑ Feel strong and calm in your mind
☑ Learn new butt + stretching exercises